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The National Archives joins the Flickr Commons party by caitlin
February 16, 2010, 7:16 pm
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The Flickr Commons, is one of the greatest gifts Web 2.0 has given visual resources professionals. I can’t say enough great things about it. The program is so popular with museums, non-profits and government organizations that the application process has been put on hold while Flickr catches up with the backlog of interested parties. The Commons provide access to great images that archives across the country have squirreled away over the years. One of the greatest features is that all images included must have the “no known copyright restrictions” attribution, which means for you dear student, you can use them without worry. This month the U.S. National Archives has joined with 42 image sets containing 3,000 images. The quality is low for some images but for others it is great. The Matthew Brady Civil war photos are particularly striking.

Gen. Daniel E. Sickles and Gen. Samuel P. Heintzelman by Matthew Brady

The collections are eclectic and fun to browse through. And as with all Flickr Commons images community tagging is welcomed if you know any juicy tidbits about the images. Here are a few selection I found.

Merry Christmas. Peace. Your Gift To The Nation, poster from World War I

Exhibit at the First Symposium on Low Pollution Power Systems Development

Exhibit at the First Symposium on Low Pollution Power Systems Development

The U.S. National Archives’ photostream


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